10 Things To Do Before You Die

10 Things To Do Before You Die

The bucket list, the list everyone has tucked away safely for those rainy days when you’re wishing you’re in a far-away country climbing mountains and cuddling pandas.

But what are the top 10 things to do everyone should have on their list? Climbing Uluru, a hot air balloon ride, and riding an elephant are to name but a few…

Climb Uluru

The Aborigines actually ask you to not climb Uluru, but it really is something everyone has to do. The climb is humbling and a true once in a lifetime experience. If you really don’t want to climb it, at least walk the base.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A must for anyone, a hot air balloon ride can be both tranquil and thrilling, being miles up in the sky surrounded by beautiful views.

Climb a Mountain

Whether you do it for charity or for your own satisfaction, climbing a mountain is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Just picture the views when you get to the top and being amongst the clouds, and you’ll understand why this is a top favourite for the bucket list.

Walk The Machu Picchu Trail In Peru

A favourite amongst the more adventurous is to walk the Inca Trail in Peru and visit Machu Picchu.

Ride On The Orient Express

Think Agatha Christie and murder, and then think experience, views, grandeur and travel. Who wouldn’t want to travel across Europe on a train steeped in history, design and luxury.

Fly a Plane

Despite common assumptions, this one is easily obtained. Just book a day’s flying lesson and away you go, soaring up, up into the skies just like a bird!

Go Swimming With Dolphins

You’ve seen it in Flipper, and you’ve seen it in holiday brochures, so go try it out for yourself! A memorable experience swimming alongside a very gentle and playful creature, which will stay with you forever.

Go On An Elephant Ride

Trekking through rainforests is a wild and adventurous thing to do, ways to make it even more adventurous? Rather than trekking, how about riding an Elephant? Some places in Thailand even let you get in the water with them and bathe them.



A must for anyone, despite your age, just for the wonder and magic of it all! If you’re not so keen on Disney, read Baudrillard and use it as a learning experience (don’t read Baudrillard if you do like Disney).

Run a Marathon

You can run a marathon for charity or enter yourself, a great experience whichever way to enter you choose!