About Me

I am Charles Johnson and lived in Claremont, CA, United States. I attended and survived Milton Academy and am a student at Claremont McKenna College, majoring in Government/Economics.

I am a Claremont Conservative that believes in the power of markets and principles. Please feel free to email me tips if you have any.

Are you a Claremont Conservative?

Who Are We?

The Claremont Conservative is a opinion based website that provides business advice and marketing tips for business owners.

We started out quite simply by having an interest in seeing businesses succeed, often helping friends and family achieve their marketing related goals on our own time.

Because of this, marketing comes naturally to us because it’s what we like to do. The quality of our work proves that we not only know what we’re doing, but we actually enjoy doing it.

Our Goals

  • Honest Work

Marketing involves a lot of trust. At The Claremont Conservative, we value that trust. In the same sense that one can trust a doctor to diagnose an illness, we offer straightforward, trustworthy advice on how to tackle your marketing needs. We can help you create realistic goals and help you achieve those goals at the same time.

  • Creative Solutions

The world of marketing is not black and white. A technique that works for one client might not work for the next, and we recognize that. Our staff is both creative and resourceful, and our marketing solutions reflect that.

Whatever your company’s marketing goals are, we can work with you to help make them a reality by offering unique strategies and techniques designed with today’s marketing world in mind.

  • Customer-centricity

At the end of the day, the customer is our main focus. Instead of just offering cookie-cutter marketing plans and services, we work directly with the customer at every stage to ensure satisfaction.

Without you, there would be no The Claremont Conservative, and understand that. Because of the respect we give to customers, our satisfaction rate is high which drives us to continue working hard.

Our Mission

Our promise is to provide affordable and effective marketing solutions to businesses that need them most. We value both your time and input, and because of our outcome-oriented approach to all that we do, we deliver results, not promises.

Why Marketing?

We firmly believe that every business has a right to get their product or service in front of customers. Unfortunately, not every market is transparent enough for that to be a reality.

That’s where we come in. The Claremont Conservative takes your company’s product, service, or information and puts it in front of those who matter most—your prospective clients.

With increased exposure to potential customers, your business can spend more effort focusing on your service or product, and we like knowing that we helped make a difference.