Planning Sample Wedding Budget Worksheet

Wedding Budget Worksheet

When forming your wedding budget, decide first how much to spend for the wedding, then how the expenses will be divided. If you search around, you will be able to find other sample wedding budgets and wedding budget worksheets. Paying for wedding expenses can be handled in a variety of ways. The responsibility can be: more

5 Tips for Planning an Affordable Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Are you ready to start planning your family’s summer vacation? In the past, this was an exciting time. However, the economy now has many Americans in a financial bind. If you are one of those Americans, planning your family vacation may no longer be as fun. In fact, it is something you may dread. Luckily, more

10 Things To Do Before You Die

Things To Do

The bucket list, the list everyone has tucked away safely for those rainy days when you’re wishing you’re in a far-away country climbing mountains and cuddling pandas. But what are the top 10 things to do everyone should have on their list? Climbing Uluru, a hot air balloon ride, and riding an elephant are to more