Top 7 Framing Nailer Brands In The Market

Top 7 Framing Nailer Brands In The Market

Framing nail guns have replaced the traditional nails and hammers and made them obsolete. These devices are easier and faster to work with without compromising on efficiency. Many nailer brands exist in the market.

A nail gun makes life easier whenever you are doing home repairs, carpentry, and hanging pictures on the walls. The nailers enable you to shoot nails into any workpiece. Although hammers may be cheaper, the nail guns are quick and efficient on the other hand. Here are the top 7 nailer brands available in the market today.


1.    Hitachi

Hitachi appears almost everywhere on the internet when you are searching for a nail gun. It is a company based in Japan which has spread its roots over the years.

Hitachi products are always evolving to meet the market need. The Hitachi NR90AES1 is an excellent example of this brand’s air-powered device that is highly rated.

A few unique advantages of this nail gun include: It is light; it also goes through over a thousand nails without jamming.

Maintenance is also easy due to the new head guard design of this brand that makes it quick to disassemble.

The depth adjustment dial on this device is also a strong feature since it enables the user to quickly adjust the depth to their desirable measurements by just turning the dial.


2.    DeWalt

DeWalt is probably one of the best brands, having existed for almost a decade. You can’t go wrong with anything DeWalt.

An example of a nail gun from DeWalt is the DeWalt DC608K that comes with a high-quality engine which allows rapid and consistent penetration into hard and soft joints. It is powered by the use of a battery and so does not need a hose.


3.    SENCO

The SENCO brand has been in existence since 1935. SENCO launched its first framing nailer in 1990, the SN325 framing nailer. Ever since it has been known to produce other high-quality devices such as the SENCO 4Z0101N.

The nail gun is a lightweight nailer which easily fits into joints, uses lesser air than other nail guns by about 15%, and has a magazine that reduces jams as it has a patented true drive magazine. It has a limited warranty of five years.


4.    Paslode

Paslode is a leading tool manufacture company worldwide, has been in existence since 1935. It is known for innovative new products.

It has a lot of initial creations to its names including being the first to create the gas-powered nail guns. It offers many nailer types with varying features including the PowerMaster nailers.

An example of a good framing nailer gun from Paslode is the Paslode 905600 that is cordless and functions by the use of a battery. It saves you time as it can shoot 200 nails in 2 minutes and 9000 nails in a period of 1 to 2 hours.


5.    Bostitch

Bostitch is a subsidiary of the famous and reputable Stanley Black and Decker. It offers quality Pneumatic and cordless nail guns such as the Bostitch F21PL.

This nail gun has two nosepieces that enable the user to use it for both connecting metals and framing. Installing metal connectors with the nailer is quite easy, and you can change its tips quickly whenever needed.

It is somewhat heavy although its entire body is constructed using magnesium which is an extremely light element.

Its depth is adjustable with merely the push of a button; it has a bump and single action mode. Its magazine holds up to 60 fasteners which makes it a market leader.


6.    Numax

Numax tools is also a leading and competitive brand that offers reliable products. Its SFR2190 21-degree framing nailer is ranked among the top because it has an air filter, anti-dry fire feature, and its entire body comprises magnesium which makes it light and easy to use.

The equipment has both bump and solo firing mode that offers versatility, and it can drive only full-headed nails. Its depth can also get adjusted precisely from 2” to up to 3-1/4.’’


7.    Ryobi

The Ryobi brand may not be made in America, but that doesn’t mean it is not good enough. The Japanese manufacturing company that makes this brand of tools has branches in America.

It is a brand you can trust having existed for over 50 years. An example of a nail gun of this brand is the P320 Airstrike which delivers up to 700 brad nails per charge.

The nail guns are advantageous since they have significantly higher accuracy and less nailing accidents compared to traditional hammers if used properly.

Purchasing from any of the above-mentioned brands guarantees you peace of mind about the effectiveness and efficiency of the tools in terms of lasting you a very long time.